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Welcome to Haskap Central
Welcome to Haskap Central Sales Ltd.

Haskap Central holds international licenses for exporting top-tier Haskap plant materials to the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, and the United States. Our primary mission is centered on cultivating premium Canadian Haskap berry plants, catering to our extensive global customer base. We are committed to equipping our customers with the latest, pertinent agronomic insights, enhancing their berry-growing journey for maximum enjoyment and productivity. Our robust partnership with Dr. Bob Bors, the esteemed Haskap breeder at the University of Saskatchewan, ensures that Haskap Central remains at the forefront of all Haskap advancements and innovations.

THE DEMAND FOR THIS PLANT CONTINUES TO INCREASE...  Click on our HASKAP PLANT STORE Tab to order your plants today and avoid disappointment of your favorite cultivar being sold out...  Plants are a minimum of 6", however we strive to ship 12-18" plants.  Plants will have a well established rootball.

All Orders include our Complementary 18 page Haskap Nutrition Guide and Detailed Planting Instructions...

Check Out our "Favorite Links" Page for detailed descriptions of each cultivar, haskap compatibility charts and much more...
AURORA Haskap Plants

AURORA Haskap Plants

AURORA Haskap Plants
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  • #1 Cultivar
  • Most Popular Since 2014
  • Superior Flavour
  • Honeybee is Best Pollenizer

The University of Saskatchewan selected 'AURORA' as the pollinizer for 'BOREALIS'. Over time, 'AURORA' has demonstrated unparalleled commercial attributes, earning a reputation as one of the most widely planted cultivars worldwide. Renowned for its exceptional commercial viability, 'AURORA' offers a sweeter taste attributed to lower acidity and boasts significantly higher productivity.

Both 'AURORA' and 'BOREALIS' exhibit excellent flavor profiles, with 'BOREALIS' presenting a delightful taste alongside remarkable ornamental qualities, albeit with slightly lower productivity. 'AURORA' stands out with its large, easily harvestable berries (1.9 grams), coupled with high disease resistance, making it exceptionally productive and well-suited for home gardeners.

It is a companion plant to 'BOREALIS', 'INDIGO GEM' , 'HONEYBEE' and 'BOREAL BEAST'

Please Note: All Haskap need an unrelated companion plant for proper fruit set, don't forget to order yours for 'AURORA'

Recommended ratios are 2:1

See our "Favourite Links" page for a detailed description of this cultivar by Dr. Bob Bors, University of Saskatchewan. Photo courtesy of University of Saskatchewan.

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To take advantage of our discount pricing and reduced shipping costs per plant, order together with family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. They also make a unique gift for all occasions including wedding favours, house warming, birthdays and baby showers.  They are an amazing and unique addition to an edible landscaping or food forest.

Volume Pricing applies per Cultivar.

Quantity Price
1 - 1
2 - 49
$13.35 each (2 to 49 plants)
50 - 99
$9.70 each (50 to 99 plants)
100 - 499
$8.15 each (100 to 499 plants)
500 - 999
$6.95 each (500 to 999 plants)
$5.25 each (1000 to 4999 plants)

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