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We are pleased to offer a Full Production System based on innovative techniques:
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AR-18 Haskap HarvesterAR-18 Haskap HarvesterWe are pleased to offer you a production system based on innovative techniques.  The AR-18 Harvester is designed for haskap with light and robust construction in food-grade aluminum. Its design allows for even the lowest branches to successfully be harvested.

Designed for young plants

- Operated by 2 people
- Used with 2 standard harvesting trays (sold separately)
- Gentle on plants and berries
- Easily stored or transported
AR-19 XL Haskap HarvesterAR-19 XL Haskap HarvesterThe AR-19XL Harvester is designed with significantly larger harvesting wings.  It has the same light and robust construction in food grade-aluminum.  Its design allows for even the lowest branches to successfully be harvested.

Designed for mature plants (photo shows AR-19XL's larger wing beside the AR-18 wing for comparison)

- Operated by 2 people
- Used with 2 standard harvesting trays (sold separately)
- Gentle on plants and berries
- Easily stored or transported
Haskap Berry De-LeaferHaskap Berry De-LeaferThe haskap berry de-leafer is entirely constructed out of stainless steel.  The simple and efficient design makes it indispensible for processing your unsorted haskap berries.  The inclination can be adjusted to 10 different positions with easy, fast adjustments at collector height.  It comes with a 4" outlet for a conventional woodworking dust collector (dust collector not included).

Note: A standard 700 cfm or more dust collector is sufficient to ensure optimum results.

Use: For separating debris from frozen, unsorted haskap berries, comes with a 140 lb. plastic debrise bin.
Haskap Berry Harvesting TrayHaskap Berry Harvesting TrayThis is the tray best suited for harvesting and freezing haskap:

- Stackable while keeping space for air circulation
- Allows you to freeze fruit  directly in the bins
- Ventilation holes on the sides and bottom
- Integrated UV treatment for outdoor storage
- Food grade polyethylene
- 100 recyclable
- Robust and durable construction
- 23.5"x18"x4" (O.D.)
- weighs 2 lbs.
One Person Berry Processing System-Contains 5 ToolsOne Person Berry Processing System-Contains 5 Tools- 1 standard de-leafer
- 2 Intake conveyors
- 1 Sorting conveyor
- 1 Tumber/deleafer

Capacity will depend on number of workers, and how bad the berries to sort are.  With a 1 person setup system, a single worker can get from raw berries to packaged berries in a 10 kg. box at a rate of 20-40 kg./hour.  With 2 workers, the rate can be doubled and so on.  Ideally a maximum of  3 workers at a time. There is 1 variable speed 1/4 hp gearmotor per machine.  The variable speed drive requires 220V 1PH.

The system must be operated in a room with a controlled temperature.  Ideal temperature is -20 Celsius.
Quicker Berry PickerQuicker Berry PickerA must have for all Berry Picker Enthusiasts!  Invented in Saskatchewan, the "Quicker Berry Picker" allows you to pick up to 3 times as many berries in the same amount of time, and virtually eliminate berry loss.

Increase better quality with reduced berry drop due to hopper size, eliminate compaction of berries at the bottom of the bucket.  Specially suited for large haskap berries like 'AURORA' and 'BLIZZARD'.

It is easy to use, comfortable, durable, and adaptable to either your left or right hand.  It can be used on all kinds of bush berries.

Reciprocating Harvesting ForkReciprocating Harvesting Fork- Constructed out of stainless steel and engineered to save your money and your back.

- It helps cut harvest times down to 30 seconds per bush with it being extremely gentle on the plants.

- The type of reciprocating saws our adapter fits are a Makita DJR186, Makita DRJ187, or Milwaukee 2621-20 (saw not included).  Please advise the type of saw you have in the non-propagation space (#7) on your order form, so you receive the proper adaptor for your saw.  

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