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One Person Berry Processing System-Contains 5 Tools
One Person Berry Processing System-Contains 5 Tools
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- 1 standard de-leafer
- 2 Intake conveyors
- 1 Sorting conveyor
- 1 Tumber/deleafer

Capacity will depend on number of workers, and how bad the berries to sort are.  With a 1 person setup system, a single worker can get from raw berries to packaged berries in a 10 kg. box at a rate of 20-40 kg./hour.  With 2 workers, the rate can be doubled and so on.  Ideally a maximum of  3 workers at a time. There is 1 variable speed 1/4 hp gearmotor per machine.  The variable speed drive requires 220V 1PH.

The system must be operated in a room with a controlled temperature.  Ideal temperature is -20 Celsius.

The minimum space required is 12'x14'.

Please contact for pricing....

(1 Standard De-Leafer) - Leaves are taken care of before and after the destemmer.  Smaller debris goes through the mesh of the destemmer.        

(2 Intake Conveyers Side by Side) - Hopper can hold up to 65 kg. However, 30 kg. is best when used in slow-speed with door partially closed.  The conveyer opening is 24"x36" so works perfectly with our standard yellow trays which are 18"x24" (Sold Separately).                   

(1 Sorting Conveyer)     


(1 Tumbler/De-Leafer) - Standard 4 x 4 Mesh.  It will remove debris and immature berries but will keep your ripe berries.



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